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In this bike racing game, you will control an ultimate maniac motorbike rider. Go garage and select one of the high performance race motorbikes. You can upgrade their speed, handling, and braking features with coins. To get coins, ride in extreme speed on endless road. Play either in endless one way or two way. There are 4 locations: bay view, old west, tunnel side and small town.

Perform close overtakes like a motor sports junkie for more action! The road is filled with cars, trucks, buses, and motorcycles. With the fist button, the aggressive rider can punch and kick the other motorbike riders. Collect missiles and rockets on the highway and then, launch them to fire and bomb the cars, trucks and buses. This aggressive and fast-paced combat racing game presents explosion and crash effects in high resolution to increase racing fever.

The road is endless so go as far as you can. If you crash one of the vehicles on highway, the bike race game restarts. To avoid illegal crashing, you need to handle your motorbike or to blow up the cars on your way illegally. Don't slow down the speed. As you are riding above 100 km, close overtakes bring more scores. So pass caar closely and rac aggressively in this endless traffic game like moto gp. Generally, traffic games or endless car games don’t include maniacs, aggressive traffic racer or maniac attack. But this excite bike game is very aggressive.

If you are an adrenaline junkie and like extreme motor sports, this ultimate bike racing game is for you. You have everything you need for aggressive, illegal and maniac traffic battle there. Just use them only in game to blow off steam and live racing fever.

This bkie trial game gives you freeride chance. Keep your speed high above 100 km because speed performance affects race traffic your score. If you like traffic games and be assertive about your handling skills, this aggressive and illegal bike race game is for you with rocket launch, freeride, close combat features making it like a moto gp. Unfortunately there is no pov. You don’t need pov change to overtake caar, motors and bikes illegally or for rocket launch and maniac attacks. The garage in this maniac and aggressive bike race game is full with sentidos bikes like dirt bike, chooper, and motors. Overtake closely and illegally the caar on the road but don’t rear end or crush it. This aggressive and maniac bike race game is like mixed race because there are many vehicles on the road to overtake and rocket bomb.

Bike Racing Traffic Rivals is for bike and motos sports junkie and maniacs with its aggressive and illegal close combat and roket. Overtake caar and bikes illegally and aggressively in this bikes rac game like moto gp as going at a speed over 100km.


- Battle racing game in ultimate speed with bikes and motors
- High performance sport motorcycles, vintage or retro motorbikes for bike tech junkie
- Up-gradable speed, handling and braking
- 4 thematic locations: bay view, old west, tunnel side and small town.
- One way and two way traffic options
- Endless racing adventure and crazy traffic
- Cars, trucks, buses, motors and bikes on the highway to overtake closely, aggressively and illegally
- Rockets to collect for close combat
- Chance to win free coins to continue your rac trial
- Missiles and rocketx to fire cars, trucks and buses
- Combat attack button like a fist to kick motorbikes
- Extra score for speed above 100 km